April 5, 2007

Ok. I just got this email in my inbox:

Pink Standing

Man, surely audience expectations have fallen way low if it’s cool to pay for tickets to see her stand. Don’t they even pretend to sing any more?

In error.

February 28, 2007

I work at an institution with a strong worldwide reputation. Because of this, I get the occasional email from interested students looking to study or work here. Most of these go straight to the trash, for two reasons:

  1. I am not in a position to handle these requests.
  2. If they emailed me, they didn’t follow the instructions on the website.

These mails generally don’t look like spam. (Is there such a thing as academic spam? I suppose there must be…)

Here is the mail I received today. I’ve copied the text verbatim aside from removal of identifying information, marked by [square brackets]:


I,[name], take this opportunity to express my interest in
pursuing my summer internship during the year 2007 in your institution.
I am currently a student in 6th semester of 4 year Bachelors of Engineering
in COMPUTER SCIENCE at the INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT,[location] which is regarded as one of THE BEST INSTITUTE of the country and is known for it’s rigorous training to able individuals in different engineering sciences.

The summer internship (for duration of around 2 months
i.e. june 2007 – august2007) is a part of our curriculum.
Besides this the summer internship from an esteemed institution like
yours also helps us in our future endeavors.

Due to my willingness to pursue such an opportunity in your
prestigious institute I am prepared to bear all the expenses on my
own. Though any kind of financial help is most welcome.

Besides this I recognize myself as keen,ambitious,hardworking and
sincere person.I have always enjoyed taking up tough and challenging
problems be it academics or in other spheres and have always stood upto
the expectations of my parents, teachers and seniors.

I assure you that with my utmost sincerity and hard work I would be able
to add value to any project I am associated with.Kindly find herewith
my resume for your review and kind consideration.I would be willing to
provide you any other details that you may require.

Lastly,I would like to thank you for giving me an opportunity to
express myself.



And, yes, he did attach his resume (UK: C.V.). His references appear to exist, his course choices indicate a fairly average course content, his exam marks look to range from average to excellent, and he does appear to have a life if his extra-curricular activities are anything to go by.

I really do wonder why he emailed me rather than following procedure outlined on the same webpages he must have retrieved my email address from?