Oh Brother.

May 31, 2007

Another season of Big Brother is upon us. Months of mind-numbing TV involving shallow housemates looking to start their pop career, get a TV spot, or whatever. Excellent, isn’t it? I relish in Big Brother. Don’t worry, I won’t post on BB often. Despite it being insanely popular, I seem to be the only person who watches it.

So, a quick rundown of this year’s cast. My thoughts and opinions are as follows:

The twins (Image from BBC)
The twins, Sam and Amanda. Don’t ask me which is which. Fairly pretty, but they think they’re prettier still; unfortunately, this is where the substance ends. The twins are shallow, indulging in vapid conversation on anything pink or related to boys.

Lesley (Image from BBC)
Lesley, at 60 years old, will be the mother of the house who doesn’t really get on with anybody. Then she’ll moan about it, and probably leave within a few weeks. I might be wrong, but on the live feed last night she was walking alone in the garden while the others chatted. We’ll see what happens.

Charley (Image from BBC)
Not only does she have a boy’s name, she bloody well looks like one too (Steve Tyler, in particular). Probably the most instantly selfish and annoying of the housemates. She was immensely disappointed when she realised that there were no boys coming in — presumably she realised that she’d actually have to work to retain friends, rather than simply please the boys to ensure she doesn’t get nominated for eviction. Certainly the least likeable of the lot.

Tracey (Image from BBC)
Tracey, a self-styled modern hippy. Colourful, is one way to describe her character, in the best possible way; she comes across as instantly nice, but she’ll be attacked by the other girls because she dares to do what she wants, as opposed to what the popular kiddies in the house want. Could stop saying such annoying phrases as “‘ave it!”, but otherwise ok.

Chanelle (Image from BBC)
Prides herself in looking, dressing, and being like Victoria Beckham, though I’m not sure why. Her first words in the house were “Fuck me up the bum!” (before she met anybody else), and doesn’t seem to be quite as shallow as the twins, for example. Slightly intelligent and bearable. Only slightly, mind. Potentially bearable in real life, though perhaps only because of her looks.

Shabam (Image from BBC)
Obsessed with make-up. Thinks she’s funny, but she’s not actually. She says she enjoys reading on the toilet, which is indeed the seat of kings (or queens, as appropriate). Admits to being selfish. Doesn’t like working, and so is unemployed. Otherwise, there’s little to say on this one, aside from the fact that she tried way too hard when she entered the house.

Emily (Image from BBC)
Emily says she’s not a “rich bitch,” but that’s exactly what she is. She’s a “daddy bought me this” girl, through and through. Reasonably intelligent and pretty, her major fault so far is her attitude.

Laura (Image from BBC)
Laura talks too much. She also eats too much, which she admits freely so I’m not being mean here. One of those people who are genuinely nice, but she’s made little impact so far because of this. She’ll be a slow-burner.

Nicky (Image from BBC)
Lacking somewhat in substance, but hates men. Umm, that’s all I can remember. Probably out within the first couple of weeks and swiftly forgotten about.

Carole (Image from BBC)
Probably the biggest character in the house, she’s one of these opinionated but very nice people. She doesn’t have any hope of winning because she’s not pretty, she’s not young, and she’s not willing to tow the line. She will make good viewing, however.

All women, but they’re putting one man in on Friday. It’s off to an interesting start…


May 20, 2007

I just watched the hyped Panorama report on Scientology on youtube (linkage: part 1, 2, and 3). Wow.

I was previously aware in passing terms of Scientology, in the sense that Tom Cruise (nutto extraordinaire) is a member and he’s not exactly known as a balanced person when it comes to, well, anything really. I also knew it is all based on the writings of sci-fi author L. Ron Hubbard (credible, eh?). But that was the extent of my knowledge.

I didn’t previously know anything about the lengths they go to to protect their name (presumably they’re not aware of how useful the internet is for passing knowledge…). I didn’t realise that they “disconnected” their members from disbelievers. I’d forgotten that they consider psychiatry to be evil and want it banned worldwide. I didn’t realise just how fucking good they are at brainwashing their members into towing the line.

What a bunch of fucking freaks. I urge you to watch the youtube links above in order, to get a brief idea of what the whole thing’s about. Organised religion can often be seen as brainwashing, but these guys take the biscuit.

Fortunately, it’s not a religion over here. Not officially anyway, though I’m sure some poor people follow it anyway.

One of the guys in this video are about as extreme as the folks you see in these terrorist videos blowing innocents brains out. You’ll know which guy I mean when you watch the videos.

I’m disgusted that the western world, which we hold up as the centre of knowledge, the seat of power, the origin of industry, can still churn out wackos like these guys.