October 31, 2007

This guy was talking to the audience having just arrived back in town. A mere couple of hours on land, he’s in front of us all talking about his work.

And yet, I can’t ignore a few things.

He’s a confident guy in person, but he falls apart in front of a crowd. He starts babbling.

He’s nervous. He’s sweating like a pig … and runs his hand through his hair exposing those moist patches on his shirt where his armpits have been releasing as much sweat as they possibly can.

He keeps fiddling with his crotch. Yes, he seems to be repeatedly fixing his penis. I’m not sure how much maneuvering he felt he had to do down there, but he definitely did too much.

Ensuring you’re sitting correctly and are comfortable is an immensely important thing. It’s very difficult to concentrate if you’re not sitting comfortably, so to speak. So I can understand perhaps a discreet nudge to sort things out (in so far as it’s possible to be discreet while your hand pushes your genitalia around in front of a crowd).

Insane. I don’t often go to a talk and find myself thinking not about the content, but instead about where to avert my eyes.