June 23, 2007

How old am I? It’s difficult to figure out.

Mentally, I’m sharp as a fucking needle. I learn fast. I read fast. I absorb information fast. I have a brain which fits right into an academic environment, though fortunately I’ll never be entirely satisfied with the purely cerebral activities academic traditionally promotes — I need to actually have hands-on, relevant experience with my subject matter.

That all said and done, I’ll appreciate any fart or dick joke you happen to throw my way. Mental age of a 30 year old and a 10 year old combined.

At which point do we realise that physical age should not matter as much as mental age. But when I can get on with a 50 year old truck driver than a 20 year old student, what does that say about my mental age?

I often mull over this sort of thing when trying to figure out my place in the various social interactions I encounter on a daily basis. It’s a puzzler, for sure.