March 28, 2007

The sun streams along the street without a single cloud getting in its way. The sunlight brings a nice warmth to the otherwise cold morning.

The start of the Spring season brings the best out in people. After the perpetual cloud of the Winter, it’s always refreshing to see sunlight. It taps into something primal in all of us, whether we’re aware of it or not. Shop owners open up with a smile. Lorries and vans pull up to the various eateries to deliver goods. Postmen whistle as they move quietly from building to building. Old men nip in and out of the supermarket or newsagent to pick up their messages for the day. An old black Labrador stretches out on the pavement in front of the supermarket, panting. He’s waiting for his owner to return, unaware of the people trying to walk around him without stepping on the road.

Good on you, old dog. Fuck everybody else, it’s nice to be selfish and comfortable on a sunny morning.

The fun part about this weather is how people interpret it in different ways. I see one postman wearing fingerless gloves, long-sleeved top, and wooly hat, while I see another wearing a short-sleeved shirt. Some women go out in what could only be described as a “summer” top, while some will cling onto multiple layers underneath a heavy jacket for a few weeks yet.

I think the old dog on the street had things right. I suspect the short sleeves and summer tops are more appropriate. (The summer tops certainly make the walk more interesting.)