June 8, 2007

I step onto the train, and subconsciously scanned the occupants. I spy one intensely attractive women sitting, coincidentally, across from the seat I had earmarked the moment I stepped aboard. She looked Norwegian. Something about the face, the hat, and the flowing knee-length skirt.

When sitting, the blue-green skirt sat just above her knees. My day had been long. I’d been asked to do a few more weeks work on a project I really don’t value at all. I wasn’t in the mood to chat.

I wish I had been. This girl spotted me as I sat down across from her, and she was continually glancing back at me. She moved to get a little more comfortable on the train seat, in the process shifting her legs slightly to point in my direction, and also nudging them ever so slightly apart.

The single motion sets my mind racing, and starts blood rushing to my groin. Before long, I have an erection I could hammer nails with. Today I’m wearing my baggies; nobody but me knows that I’m hard.

I can’t help but look at this girl’s legs. My mind’s running through all sorts of mental imagery, most of it involving her leaning back just a little more, and me easing down between those legs. Tongue or cock while I’m there? Inevitably both for as long as possible, but it doesn’t matter. These are the sweetest pictures I’ve dreamt up in a while.

She shifts her legs back closer together. Party’s over. It’s her stop. She gets off the train. Nary a glance back, naturally.

I imagine kissing her, holding her, fucking her. Then walk home throbbing in my trousers.


April 24, 2007

Students ignorant about condoms. Right. Get this:

… more than one in 10 of the 2,200 who took part in the survey did not know how to put a condom on correctly.

Perhaps I’m missing something here, but would somebody care to explain the incorrect way of putting a condom on? It’s fairly simple. You make sure you’re pointing the condom the correct way, and you roll the damn thing over your erect penis. Where’s the confusion?

The biggest misuse of condoms is surely people slipping them on directly prior to penetration, thus allowing plenty of scope for HIV transmission via precum, amongst other diseases (note, that it’s probably not possible to get pregnant from precum). Another misuse is when people “forget” to put them on at all.

But I’m confused how 10% of the voluntary participants in this study (who you’d assume were experienced or rapidly gaining experience in the sack) didn’t know how to put a condom on correctly.

Could somebody please enlighten me?