March 25, 2007

Yesterday was so sunshiney. It was warm, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. I thought everybody was out in the street, until I got into the city centre where I realised that most people were in fact there instead.

Busy wasn’t the word for it. Take your average busy street in London, and put the same number of people in a much smaller Scottish city … I could barely move. It was a holiday atmosphere out there, so much so that I was out enjoying the atmosphere for most of the day. Walking along one of the busiest streets, I see no less than one guitar player (seated), one guitar player (standing), Highland piper, one man break-dancing, numerous people handing out balloons, dozens of charity workers, and the normal quotient of Big Issue salespeople and homeless folks. The sunshine makes even the homeless that little bit happier. To add to the atmosphere, the Tartan Army were out in force. Kilts, Scotland tops, and See You Jimmy hats. It was a fun day.

The Sun continued to shine when we actually won another game of football. That’s two that I remember in recent times.

Today feels like the cooler, less sunny day of the holiday. It doesn’t quite feel like the weekend, or that I’ll be back at work tomorrow.

Roll on next weekend!

EDIT: For those unfamiliar, international football brings a unique atmosphere to Glasgow. And if you know little of the Hampden roar, I urge you to watch some youtube footage from the France game I linked you to above.