April 30, 2007

I get up in the morning. I have a mug of tea to get me going, followed by a half glass of fruit juice.

At lunch, I have a chicken wrap and a bottle of fruit juice.

I get home, and go for a jog. On my return, I eat an apple.

Later, when I’m hungry, I go and spoil it all by nipping out for a bag of chips, from which I make numerous chip butties.

A truly Scottish diet.


April 23, 2007

As we men get older, we merely get fatter and balder. I’ve heard this off many people.

Today, I picked up a CD as I sat at the computer. The ego-plus-shiny-surface combo satisfied, I was singing along badly to some old-time rock when I noticed two things: One, that my hairline is definitely creeping slowly backward. Two, that I’m looking decidely chubbier than I ever have before. That I recently had to invest in a new pair of trousers with a waist size I’d never before considered myself filling comfortably, this might be minor cause for concern.

I could probably do with a shave, but that’s beside the point. I suspect I may have to partake in regular exercise to allow me to continue my otherwise balanced (ie, healthy & unhealthy) lifestyle.