January 12, 2008

She’s not interested. Graciously accepting my intense interest in her as compliment, which it should always be, I mask just how much the rejection grips me.

So there I was sitting on the train home, lump in throat. Involuntary quivering lip, I shed a few tears. I’m conscious of at least one girl on the same train watching me, clearly itching to know what was wrong.

How can the maintenance of the status quo — i.e., “just friends” — initiate a reaction so similar to that of the breakup of a long relationship?

I have always said that it’s important to tell people if you’re interested in them. Keeps everything above board. I just wish that in this case the feeling had been mutual.

Off to cry.


6 Responses to “Love.”

  1. Rua MacTírean said

    “How can the maintenance of the status quo…initiate a reaction so similar to that of the breakup of a long relationship?”

    because you’ve been thinking about it long enough to see a future, just like a long term relationship

  2. Just be grateful she’s not freaked out by it all. At least you can still see her. Anyway, that’s life – full of disappointment. Move on!

  3. Scarlet said

    I maintain that a serious crush can be just like a relationship. Good for you for saying something. Same thing happened to me.

  4. Rosie said

    i was in her position recently and had been doing my utmost to avoid the issue for a long time. in vino veritas – after a few pints on night he blurted it out and i reacted much as your friend did. i found things difficult for a while after that, but we’re back on the level now. hopefully you two are too.

  5. Maria said

    Do you still write your blogs? They are very interesting – very open and honest. I still can’t quite grasp that men often feel the same way as women. Haven’t time to read any more just now – or how to look for the latest ones. Stumbled across your thoughts.

  6. Miss Emm said

    Our heart is a feeble thing. It attaches itself onto people who may inevitably hurt us. But pain is good for this heart of ours. It makes it stronger one pain waive at a time.

    Hope you feel better.

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