December 12, 2007

On Sunday, I was hungover. Hungover means one thing: The hangover horn.

I got up late, probably around noon. I turned on the computer. Straight for the porn. A nice way to start my day.

I start browsing. I start stroking myself. Very often I’m not in it for the quick orgasm. I appreciate the build-up.

An hour passes. Not much longer. I’ll finish the job soon.

Another hour passes. I realise I haven’t eaten or showered. So I go and cook breakfast; naked of course, and pre-orgasm. I eat in front of the computer, resuming my hard-on. I still haven’t showered.

In the back of my mind, I’m thinking about all the reading I wanted to get done today. But nudity and fucking is captivating.

Another hour passes. By this point, I’m at the stage where I can barely touch myself without almost climaxing. This just adds to the fun. The pre-cum dribbles down the side of my dick in sometimes alarming volumes.

Another hour passes, and I’m still going.

Another hour.

I decide to cook dinner. Again, naked. Again, pre-orgasm. I eat, and watch some TV to allow myself to calm down. So to speak.

I go back to the computer, and resume from where I was previously. It never takes long to get back into it.

Another hour passes. And another.

And at this point, I climax unintentionally. I would probably have kept going for another couple of hours, and just spent the entire day at it if I could have. I found myself longing to have my tongue buried between an intelligent woman’s legs when I accidentally let go. The accidents are never so much fun, scrambling to avoid the inevitable mess as I was.

Fucked self.

Since it was accidental, I quickly have another one.

Fucked self again.

The Sunday alone with my thoughts in front of my computer seems prompted my RSI to flare up.

Fucked wrist.


5 Responses to “Fucked.”

  1. Qween Minx said

    Now I understand why … anonymity.

    Your last post was about football …

    this one …


    Hmmm … now let me think … men and porn and football … that sounds like a … like a … what’s the word I’m looking for … like a … ???


    It’s gone. Can’t think of the word I’m looking for.


    sounds like a fab sunday to me!


  2. To be fair, I’d never suggest that porn is a male-only activity. Far from it.

    If you wish to join me on a similar Sunday, of course… 😉

  3. Qween Minx said

    Are you flirting with me oto?? 😉

    I too would like to be fair, and I would never suggest that porn was a male-only activity either, they have women in porn films as well as men.


  4. Me? Flirt?

    Surely flirting with a clearly intelligent and physically attractive woman would be foolhardy, no?


  5. Rua MacTírean said

    I did the exact same thing today, fuck going to work-I’m hungover and fragile

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