October 28, 2007

It seems I’ve been included in some “Scottish Roundup” of late. But for why?

I’m not sure, actually. My posts focus on vulgarity, genitalia, and sometimes my amateur analysis of social interactions. I focussed in particular on Scotland during election season, but quickly gave that up once business had resumed as normal. I live in Scotland, as I have all my life.

I might be moving away from Scotland soon. Do I still qualify for this Scottish roundup? I suppose I could have a moan about the lack of jobs in the fields of IT/software development/computing science research, which would certainly bring the focus onto Scotland. What’s the government doing about this? Or is the current government whining about Westminster having control over much of the UK and therefore we would have more of these jobs if we were independent? More importantly, why do we not have a minister in the parliament dedicated to boosting this enormously important field? IT is but at the start of its lifetime; why aren’t we rushing headlong into the field as a strong world contender, rather than complaining about how much money we didn’t get directly from the North Sea oil reserves while they were still plentiful?

There’s plenty to blog about on Scotland directly. But I generally don’t blog about Scotland (often). I can rant and moan, but it’s only as good as the politicians when they rant and moan: nothing changes.

So by living here but not by talking about Scotland I qualify for the Scottish roundup. Why? This seriously confuses me. There are a lot of Scots bloggers out there. Many of them don’t advertise this fact. We are not a small geographically located community in need of that helping hand up into the larger apolitical world of the internet. Scotland already has a pretty good representation on the internet. On an idealogical level, the internet does not follow geographical boundaries.* The worry is that we’re not forging ahead on the technologies which run the internet, not that we’re not able to see enough Scottish bloggers.

It strikes me that a Scottish roundup would do well to focus on important matters in Scotland, and important areas in which Scotland could be doing better. Highlight the people’s concerns in a meaningful, thoughtful, and targetted manner, and suddenly the Scottish roundup becomes a lot more relevant. It’s also naturally becomes a lot more political. Why?

Because it’s focussing on a geographic area bound by the rules and laws of the governments which act upon it. Generally if something matters to somebody, it means that either those governments aren’t doing a good enough job, or that any changes many by the government will affect that matter. For so long as a blog of any sort is going to actually focus on one nation, it’s probably going to be at least partially political. I don’t see any way of stepping aside from that.

* I realise this is naive for so long as governments attempt to exercise control over how their populace uses the internet (hint: it’s not just China who filter your browsing habits), but the point is largely accurate.


One Response to “Roundup.”

  1. Qween Minx said

    Brits … in essence, are still and ‘Island Community’ and an ‘island mentality’. This is what makes us great, and what makes us small. It always makes us unique.

    Scotland, is a fantastic country, regardless of who parlays in parliament.

    It’s always been Scottish, irrespective of above said parliamessingments, regardless of which heads of Kings and Queens.

    Don’t you worry about your country … Scottish people have nothing to prove … they have an innate confidence in who they are … and what they are about.

    What bugs me about this ‘United Kingdom’ is that it has never been United.

    Only the English and the Scots and the Welsh and the Irish know this.

    The only pride in the British Isles is the difference that lies in the four countries that make it so.


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