July 4, 2007

Ok. So who’s the girl, I hear you ask. Well, I can’t tell you that. I shouldn’t tell you all that much, actually, just in case. I know the internet’s a big place, but I should really keep specifics out of this.

So what’s so special about her?

She’s astoundingly intelligent. She’s more intelligent than I, which is the most crazy turn on I could possibly have imagined.

She’s independent. There’s no feeling that she’s waiting to fall into Mr. Right’s arms directly before rushing off to the chapel to get married, thereafter producing or rearing children. I’m so far from being an emotional crutch with her that to go out with her is a compliment.

She’s older than me. While not a requirement in itself, with age comes maturity and I am perhaps mature beyond my years. Either that or I appreciate maturity in others.

She’s physically beautiful. She has the most amazing eyes which I could — and do have your sick bag on standby — … I could just stare into those eyes forever. The little way the corner of her mouth curls up at one end when she’s thought of something clever. The gut laugh when we make the same joke. The colour of her hair, the way she walks, the fucking shoes she wears. I want to spend every single waking moment of my life with this woman.


Only problem? We live particularly far apart. I’m willing to test the water on that one though.


6 Responses to “Girl.”

  1. damewiggy said

    very sweet, best wishes =)

  2. marnini said

    Maybe if you told her everything you just wrote here, she would fall in love with YOU
    The things you said about this girl, made me want her to fall in love with you.

  3. She knows where I stand, don’t worry about that. I will absolutely see her again at some point, the only question being “when”.

    In the near future, certainly.

  4. damewiggy said

    make it a priority, sounds as though you won’t regret it 😉

  5. Scarlet said

    Ooooh, I’m intrigued!

  6. You’re intrigued? I’m intrigued!

    Updates on this one when appropriate. The conflicting schedules of two globe-trotting professional require time to settle down at the start of something big like this — especially during summer.

    Excited is barely the word.

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