April 12, 2007

I hate the people in my office sometimes. I’m a highly skilled guy, I know my stuff through and through.

But the guys in the office always look for other people to help them. They have these fucking simple problems, but they always flounder before seeking outside help. What gives?

Sigh. Fuck ’em.

3 Responses to “Undervalued.”

  1. Queen Minx said

    They are lazy bastids, and it’s easier to ask someone to give them help before trying to solve the problem themselves … and you can tell ’em I said so!


  2. Seb said

    Not sure how the title of the post relates to the content: is it the case that you feel undervalued because they’re not asking *you* for help?

  3. Pretty much. Every so often somebody asks for outside help while I’m sitting there thinking “I could have told you that… that’s damn easy…”

    But it’s only the guys in my office that seem to do it. Other folks recognise my skills and specifically *do* come to ask me questions.


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