March 22, 2007

I’m walking along the train platform to my usual spot. You know the way that people have “their” space? Well, I have mine, and I stand there every morning. I get annoyed if somebody is in my space.

This morning, somebody was. But this time, it was somebody I’d seen before, and I wasn’t annoyed. It’s difficult to be annoyed when a pretty face looks back and smiles. I’m not so sure I smiled back; I suspect she got my morning scowl in return. I tend not to be in a mood for communication while I’m in transit … I’ve simply left A, and I’m trying to reach B.

It took me a few moments to realise that I’d seen her here before. It takes a while for the more sociable parts of my mind to kick in sometimes, and so I missed those few moments where starting a conversation would have been socially acceptable. She continues to read her book, and I read mine.

Perhaps I’ll talk to her next time I’ll see her.


2 Responses to “Ships.”

  1. Queen Minx said


    I have done this so many times … from both sides … too many ships … too many nights!

    We all understand the ‘space’ thing, especially when it’s a ‘daily space’ … has it occurred to you that she occupied your ‘space’ on purpose?!

    big smile!


  2. It was too long ago that I first saw her for her to be occupying “my” space on purpose. I think that her chosen space is simply rather close to mine…

    Still. We’ll see. Public transport is fickle — I may never see her again…

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