An Onymous.

March 12, 2007

Blogging is a curious activity. I’ve been blogging since before the term was coined, which sometimes worries me slightly. Then I remember that this here internet has been around a lot longer than the web, and also longer than me, so I needn’t worry.

I think what’s more curious is anonymous blogging. A lot of people do it. A lot of people blog, but don’t attach their name to their output. I also blog in an onymously, elsewhere. To link to my other blog would defeat the purpose of this one you’re reading just now.

Onymous blogging is like chatting with a friend. Very often, you know the author personally. You understand how they would say the words that they’re writing, you understand why they’re writing the words, and you can follow their arguments carefully. The nature of some of these blogs is somewhat like talking to the author about the subject matter over a pint; whether you’re bored by the nature of one of their particular subjects of interest is another matter entirely.

But there’s another form of onymous blogging. Sometimes you value the author’s output that you subscribe to an onymous blog of author you don’t know personally. This is somewhat like listening to a good presentation or a lecture; sometimes the content is interesting to you, and sometimes it isn’t. Generally you’ll pay attention for long enough to find out.

Anonymous blogging, however, is like sitting in that same pub mentioned above and listening into somebody else moaning about their work, their life, their partner, their family, their career, their train journey, their delayed flight, etc. Sometimes it turns up a useful bit of knowledge. Very often, the information is redundant.

I don’t really have a point to this post, and I’m over-simplifying. Perhaps I’m trying to justify to myself the existence of this blog. Perhaps I’m just really tired and having bother focusing on work.


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