Female bloggers.

February 21, 2007

Blogging is an unusual game. Some people choose to conceal their identity. Some people choose to wear their real-life identity as some sort of badge of honour. Some toy with each extreme, while never quite seeing the full purpose of either.

The most intriguing blogger, however, is the female blogger. I’ll qualify that. The most intriguing blogger is the intelligent, independent female blogger. She’s the one who tosses out her words in as eloquent a manner on the most tricky of topics as she does on the most inane. She’s generally around 30 years old. She seldom posts a picture of herself, but may have done so once or twice. Her prose is consistent. Her discussion of work lends insight into her intelligence. She’s super-motivated. She’s insanely independent. She’s profoundly interesting. She’s also got the, hmm, she’s got the bollocks to embrace what she likes; if some of what she likes might be considered “girly” (perceived as synonymous with weak?), so be it. Her independence leads her to prefer persecution for being herself rather than a denial of her own tastes. She’s generally single.

That last point is insane. Any woman who fits that description above deserves a man who understands her. We’re not that hard to find. Are we?

I think I have a strange fetish. I enjoy reading the blogs of female academics. Ladies, I’m here for you.


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