February 20, 2007

The sun shines down over the city. Young children run about, old children kick a ball about, and workers hang about on the grass, each enjoying the slight warmth in their own individual ways. Delivery workers and shop workers battle on, barely noticing the antics of the lazy office personalities.

The sunshine strikes something primal in each of us. We all like sunshine. Lots of us don’t like the heat, or perhaps humidity, but there’s something basic in each of us that suggests we each enjoy sunshine. To suggest otherwise is akin to suggesting a dislike for music — the primality of it strikes a chord so deep within our minds that we have little choice but to respond to it.

Despite this shared primal experience, we each respond to the sunshine in different ways, in the same way we respond to music in different ways. Some people like to sit back and watch from a distance. Some like to sit out and bake slowly. Some like to run around until they can no more. Some like to stay inside, for fear of being burned.

Some, like the delivery worker, get paid to work under it all day. The delivery worker has the right idea.


One Response to “Summer.”

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