Beautiful Agony.

February 18, 2007

I just discovered a site called Beautiful Agony. I tend to doubt any site purporting to be “dedicated to the beauty of human orgasm”; it’s probably lying. It’s probably dedicated to hardcore pornography, and making a pretty penny out of it. Fair play to them, but they don’t need my endorsement.

Beautiful Agony, on the other hand, is far from anything hardcore. You won’t get to see anything that is traditionally considered “sexy” in the context of the web. Nothing. No real nudity, no couples, no close-up camera angles (does anyone think they’re sexy?).

What you get to concentrate on is the various looks and mannerisms of real people as they build up over the course of a few minutes to the moment of Truth. That one moment that almost makes any one of us believe that there really is a God. This, my friends, is sexy as hell while barely having to give anything away. It’s not a straight cut-to-the-chase. It’s not exclusively “hot” women. It’s not These are normal, honest-to-god orgasms. The real sort, with all the nuance, excitement, trembling and sharp breathing you expect from real life.


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